Wall Putty or Skim Coat is a primary undercoat applied onto a plastered wall prior to the application of paint to smooth out any undulations and creases in the wall. The application of wall putty provides a flat and even surface that reduces the consumption of paint and time of application.

Alpine White Wall Putty is made from our own internal lime deposits and processed using the highest-grade white cement and Redispersible polymers and Ethers to ensure that our products leave a wall so smooth to the touch, you will have to see it to believe it.

To ensure a uniform quality parameters across all our products, hourly quality tests are undertaken and tested in our own internal lab using the latest testing equipments. Due to these policies, a high quality standard is constantly maintained to ensure that the richest deposits have been utilized to guarantee the best product, which deliver unmatched results when used.

Due to the quality of the raw materials used, the product’s innate properties are exemplified manifold and this results in incomparable Whiteness, Smoothness and Brightness.

Alpine White Wall Putty has a minimum Brightness and Whiteness factor of 85% and a “Coverage” factor of 20 - 22 Sq. Feet per millimeter per Kilogram per coat.

We also undertake delivery of products to construction projects across the world.