Primer or Undercoat is a thin, preparatory coating that is applied on top of the Wall Putty cost to serve as an undercoat for the final application of paint. Primer acts as both, a preparatory coat that prepares against damages and ensures firm adhesion of paint on the wall.

Alpine White Wall Primer is a water – based solution that is specially formulated for multipurpose Primer applications. It is suitable for both interior and exterior purposes and provides an excellent finish for both. It requires no curing and ensures a better paint finish and protection.

To ensure a uniform quality parameters across all our products, hourly quality tests are undertaken and tested in our own internal lab using the latest testing equipments. Due to these policies, a high quality standard is constantly maintained to ensure that the richest deposits have been utilized to guarantee the best product, which deliver unmatched results when used.

Due to the quality of the raw materials used, the product’s innate properties are exemplified manifold and this results in incomparable Whiteness and Brightness.

We also undertake delivery of products to construction projects across the world.

Alpine White Wall Primer provides a coverage factor of 200 Sq. Feet but may depend upon the dilution ratio of Water : Wall Primer.

Alpine White Wall Primer contains no Lead, Arsenic, Mercury & Chromium.