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All you need to know about Alpine White wall putty

Wall putty or Skim Coat is a cementitious substance applied as a primary undercoat on a plastered wall before application of the paint, this process is carried out to smooth out the creases, cracks, pores thus removing any undulation on the wall. Thus, adding shine to the wall giving it a perfect finish, saving cost and time. At the same time a wall putty can also be used during the time of repair, for minor cracks, moisture or seepage on the areas affected. Some of the considerable quality of wall care putty is to strengthen the paint and add life to the wall paint.

Alpine White wall putty is made from our own internal lime deposits, so we know it's the best, and it's treated with the best white cement, redispersible polymers, and ethers. By ensuring the high-grade products, we make sure the final outcome is of best quality, with strong adhesive property that sticks to the surface of the walls, and leaves the wall smooth as silk for which you will see it to believe. We hand pick each and every component in the making of Alpine white wall putty thus we get a top-notch product as a result.

To ensure high standards, quality of the products is tested every hour, to maintain consistency and uniformity of every batch in our internal laboratories. This also ensures each batch is inexplicably same and thus parameters including but not limited to consistency, finish, colour, smoothness are same across all the final skim coat. Due to these quality tests, a high standard is maintained across, using richest deposits in the making also to ensure the best product output, because it is what goes in that comes out. So, we know we deliver Alpine wall putty with unmatched results.

The raw materials and components we choose play a major role in the final results, thus the high-quality raw materials ensuring the right amount of brightness, smoothness and whiteness. Alpine White skim coat has a minimum Brightness and Whiteness factor of 85% and a "Coverage" factor of 20 to 22 square feet per millimetre per kilogramme per coat.

White cement-based Wall putty

The most common type of wall putty nowadays is white cement putty. A mixture of white cement, minerals, and polymers is used to create it. White cement putty is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a shiny and smooth finish.

It's a white cement, mineral, and polymer-based putty designed to provide a white coating, bright, smooth, and superior finish on the wall surface, which is essential for wall painting.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including the exterior, internal, and exposed surfaces. Since it is a cement-based putty, it has excellent binding properties. Water-resistant: Extremely water-resistant. Owing to the cement, it has a high strength. It has a high tensile strength.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including the exterior, internal, and exposed surfaces.

Since it is a cement-based putty, it has excellent binding properties.

Owing to the cement, it has a high strength. Some characteristics include strong tensile adhesion strength, compression strength, and bending strength.

Excellent adhesion properties

On the wall, it resists the growth of algae and fungi. It's dependable and long-lasting.

Excellent colour effects and finish.

Because of its low absorption, less paint is needed.

Excellent water resistant and abrasion resistant.


Non-toxic and suitable for use in all forms of paints.

Application of Alpine white skim coat

Here are some lists of things to make sure that the application of skim coat is smooth and right.

Make sure the surface is totally clean without dust or impurities. Don’t mind some minor cracks as the wall putty can take care of it.

The top surface must be rough so that the skim coat can grip on it with its adhesive property, and it should be moist before applying.

Alpine white wall putty can be applied as Two coats, the primary first coat must be of at least 1.5mm thickness, spread it well throughout the area using blade or spatula from bottom-up T movement. Apply a second coat of wall putty after its dried, preferably after 4 hours in summer and 12 hours in winter. Apply the second coat in horizontal movement to even out the first coat’s movements, if needed.

Allow the skim coat to dry out, at least for 3 days and use emery paper to smooth out the application marks, if needed.

Preparation of Alpine white skim coat

Alpine white wall putty would be in concentrated form, which need to be diluted to use on the walls.

Firstly, take the required quantity of Alpine white skim coat in a container. Totally 35-40% of water would be required to get the right consistency

Add approximately 20% of the water to the wall putty, mix it well and wait for few minutes.

Then the remaining quantity of the water and add it to the mix to get the required consistency. Stir the mix vigorously for 5 to 10 minutes to get a lump free paste. Mixing can be made manually or using a suitable electric mixer. Always make small batches and the mixer must be used within 2 hours of mixing, cover the mix with a moist cloth to prevent it from drying.

Advantages of Alpine white Skim coat

Since wall Putty adheres to the base concrete or plastered surfaces very well, as a result, when applied to a home's exterior or interior walls, wall putty may produce a smooth, undulation-free surface for a lovely paint finish.:

It increases the wall's tensile strength.

The use of wall putty extends the life of the paint on the walls.

A cost-effective method of reducing the amount of paint used on the walls.

It is moisture resistant.

A cleaner finish is achieved with wall putty.

The wall putty does not flake or break down quickly.

Application that can be used for many purposes.

By offering a shiny, sleek, and spectacular finish, it brings out the true colour of the paint.


Where there are undulations in the plastered floor, wall putty comes in handy. A thick coat of wall putty can smooth out the surface and eliminate cracks. It also increases the impact of the paint's hue. As a result, wall putty must be used to achieve a levelled surface in order to achieve the desired results. Make wise product selections