Colloquially called as either ‘Chunna’, or ‘Sunambu’ in India, Slaked Lime Powder has been used in the subcontinent for many centuries due to its cooling properties. It is also referred to as ‘Hydrated Lime’, ‘Slaked Lime’ or Calcium Hydrochloride with the chemical formula – CA (OH)2 Krishna Mines Super White – Slaked Lime Powder is a name synonymous with quality in the Slaked Lime Powder

industry due to the outstanding quality and organic nature of our product. Investments in viable and efficient pyro-processing technologies have helped us in translating the quality of our naturally occurring deposits into quality products that has helped transform thousands of homes, offices, universities and buildings.

Slaked Lime Powder marks the organization’s first foray into customer oriented product and our unwavering commitment to quality has helped us establish ourselves as a leading supplier of Slaked Lime Powder in the stat

We maintain stringent quality parameters and guarantee that only the finest raw materials are used during manufacturing with no chemical additives.

All of our Slaked Lime Powder is manufactured using only organic materials and is 100% chemical free. This ensures that our products are safe for residents including children and pets.

Due to the presence of lime and high whiteness and brightness factor, coating of Slaked Lime Powder on building walls reflect sunlight and reducing the ambient temperature within the building structure.

Slaked Lime Powder can also be used on the roofs to further reduce the temperature within the building structure.

Many households all across India still rely on Slaked Lime Powder instead of paint products due to the heat repellent nature of Lime and also due to its safe and organic nature.

Our Slaked Lime Powder ensures a minimum of 80 % whiteness & brightness indicator and a coverage factor of 100 – 120 Sq. Feet Per Coat. This product contains no chemical additives.

Krishna Mines Super White ‘Slaked Lime Powder’ is available all across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.