Industrial Lime

High purity Industrial lime is used across the globe in various industries in one form or another. It is no exaggeration when we claim that we encounter products that use lime in one form or another every minute of every day.

Investments in state of the art pyro-processing technology has helped us move into the high purity Industrial lime segment and can service industries ranging from Aluminium to Pharmaceuticals. Our long history and expertise in limestone combined with investments in sophisticated manufacturing methodology has helped us completely eliminate contamination of raw materials while reducing manufacturing costs and increasing material purity.

Due to the wide range of industries that our IndLime finds use in, we offer a range of high purity Industrial lime specifications that can be customized to suit your requirement including your desired size, calcium and magnesium content, silica, iron, alumina and other mineral residues.

We manufacture over 36,000 Metric Tons of Industrial Lime annually with the necessary infrastructure to scale upto to 72,000 Metric tons. Built from the ground up and set up to be a stand alone manufacturing line with a dedicated workforce, 24 hour non – stop operations and 2 internal labs for our Industrial clients, we can consistently match your specifications and requirements.

Our Industrial Lime segment can provide both Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime.