Why use the best wall primer in India for your walls?

The wall Primer looks a lot like paint but has a higher frequency of solids plus an adhesive binder in it. It essentially laminates the surface and provides a smooth and clear area for the paint to adhere. In some ways, it’s more of glue or laminate than paint. The best primer for interior walls in India might help you to get the desired finish for your walls. Reasons why to use the best wall primer coat on the wall before the actual paint coat

1.Porous surface

Perpetually prime your walls before painting if the surface is porous. The surface tends to be porous when it absorbs water, moisture, oil, odours or other kinds of stains. For instance, consider brand new drywall is a very porous material. Both the paper that incorporates it and drywall mud are resided by water or moisture when they are not coated with a primer in the first place. This porous material will absorb your paint right into it if you don’t prime it first. Untreated or fresh wood is also very porous. If you’re considering painting over that old wood panelling in your study table or painting a set of cupboards, you will have to prime first.

2.Glossy surface

Glossy surfaces are not easy for paint to stick on. If the wall is covered in high shiny paint, enamel or if the wood panelling has been shellacked, you could paint coat after coat repetitively and you could never get the desired result. While these surfaces must need a primer coat before the actual paint coat, we would also suggest light sanding or scuffing beforehand as well. This step will guarantee your wall's surface has sufficient texture so both the primer and paint can adhere flawlessly.

3.Stained surface

If your walls have any stains or dirt on them like old water damage, smoke stains from cooking or candles, kid “art” projects, scribbling etc, you’ll have to prime them first. Considering primer acts more like a sealant/blocker, it will cover these stains so that they won’t leak back or seen through the paint.


Before you have your prime coat over stains, however, it is greatly important in some cases that you have to fix the problems that led to the staining of the wall in the first place. For instance, if you have old water stains on your wall, make certain that the leak is fully serviced before you paint the primer coat. If not, It will cause more problems later.

4.Odour surface

If the previous house owners or residents were smokers, had pets, were victims of a fire or cooked strong-smelling meals, the walls themselves have likely absorbed up and retained those odours. The best primer for interior walls in India will seal in and reduce odours and stop them from returning. Ask any house owner who didn’t prime over old smoke or pet odour. They’ll tell you the smell came right back and they have to repaint all over again. That’s because regular paint doesn’t have the proper structure to keep those odours off permanently from the house.

5.Colour change

You’ll often need to prime before painting when you’re moving from a very dark colour to a very light colour on your wall. Very saturated paint colours will be visible through lighter, less saturated colours. If you want to save yourself the trouble of five or six coats of paint which also affects your budget, prime over that dark shades before you put up that picture-perfect white. Frequently The best primer for interior walls in India is used to cover extreme colours or prepare the wall for extreme colours like grey. Researches have shown that primer helps the human eye diffuse extreme colours.

You may also want to prime coat before painting if you’re switching between two very saturated darker colours. Applying a Priming coat on the walls will support you to get a better idea of how the new colour is using and covering. It can be important to ask your local paint store to tint the primer for you before time (most are white), which can also help you assess the effect of your new colour.

Mordern paint-primers

The new contemporaries of paint-primers which is also known as “self-priming paint is a thicker paint with primer combined. Many of these paints are excellent and provide astonishing coverage. The paint manufacturers promote one-coat coverage, however accomplishing this is very rare. However, The best primer for interior walls in India can tackle every job. If you’re in one of the circumstances above, you’re far better off taking the time to prime the surface properly before adding paint with Alpine white wall primer The best primer for interior walls in India.

For drywall, badly stained walls or high gloss paint, we recommend bringing Alpine White wall primers The best primer for interior walls in India for the job. They’ve worked and tested with these scenarios hundreds of times and Alpine White wall primers are the best to cover, seal and prepare the surface for painting.