Best Tile adhesives manufacturer in Tamilnadu

Alpine White manufactures Tamilnadu's best tile adhesives 'Alpine White floor fixer'. Alpine white floor fixer is the cementitious adhesives for bonding floor and wall tiles. It is manufactured and processed to maintain a high adhesive strength while minimizing shrinking and improving workability, which is considered one of the best tile adhesive manufacturers in Tamilnadu. There are two types of tile adhesives are manufactured by Alpine White.

Grey cement-based tile adhesives

  • Whiteness - 35%
  • Brightness - 30%
  • Bulk density - 1.3to1.5
  • Particle size - 200to250 micron
  • Maximum thickness - 2.5mmto3mm
  • Mixing ratio ( adhesives: Water) - 1:0.35/0.40
  • Application life (30 degree C temperature) - 1to 1.5 hours
  • Shelf life - 6 months

White cement-based tile adhesives

  • Whiteness - 85%
  • Brightness - 84%
  • Bulk density - 1.3to1.5
  • Particle size - 200to250 micron
  • Maximum thickness - 2.5mmto3mm
  • Mixing ratio ( adhesives: Water) - 1:0.35/0.40
  • Application life (30 degree C temperature) - 1to 1.5 hours
  • Shelf life - 6 months


  • High bond stability. Ensures permanent foundation.
  • Good open wet time for best results.
  • It requires no soaking of tiles in the water needed.
  • No further watering is required for healing.
  • After healing, it is waterproof and will not permit seepage of water.
  • It has built-in flexibility and prevents the crazing and shedding of tiles.
  • It helps in Great savings in Men, Materials and Time.


Alpine White Floor Fixer is ready to use, high-performance polymer improved tile fixing mortar for fixing various types of tiles such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles and natural stones on a variety of substrates like concrete, mortar beds, etc. For internal and external applications.


  • Alpine White Floor Fixer can be used on the cementitious screed and cementitious self-levelling floors.
  • Alpine White Floor Fixer is highly effective on the tile on tile applications.
  • Alpine White Floor Fixer can be used on vertical surfaces mainly due to its excellent tile fixing properties.
  • Alpine White Floor Fixer is ideally suitable for porous and non-porous old tiles on walls.
  • Alpine White Floor Fixer is a suitable material for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Method Of Application

  • Surface Preparation: All laitance, oil, etc, shall be cleaned by grinding, wire cleaning, chipping, sandblasting, high-pressure water jet or chemical etching. Any rough surfaces shall be finished level using mortar.
  • Blending and application: The water tile fixing mortar ratio is 1:3. The mixing shall be done deliberately by hand trowel or with a slow speed mixer to make a smooth, uniform and consistent mix. Ensure while mixing mechanically controls the water ratio. After mixing, allow the blend to stand for 5 minutes for it to mature. Do not add an excessive amount of water. Remix the paste before using. Apply the mixture over the surface using the straight edge of the jagged trowel and comb the applied tile fixing mortar using the jagged side of the trowel to achieve a uniform thickness.
  • Notch trowel of 6 - 10 mm can be applied as per the tile requirement. Proper attention should be taken to ensure coverage of the tile surface for suitable adhesion. The tile or stone shall then be pressed into the tile, fixing mortar for fixing. A rubber hammer or wooden roller shall be used for tapping all four corners of the tile and centre which will enable the entrapped air to be released and spread the tile fixing mortar evenly. It also helps better binding between the tile and the substrate.

Shelf Life

  • 6 months in sealed & stored in dry condition.

Health & Safety

  • Avoid contact with the skin for a lengthy period. In case of any contact with eyes, wash quickly with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Health & Safety

To lay tiles with sand-cement old ways is to apply the mixture of sand-cement in a lump on tiles’ back so it has to be done with one tile at a time.

Without additive to help to keep water, the mixture of sand-cement dries fast and then causes the hassle to adjust the tiles after being laid. This leads to the aesthetic problem of the line of tiles and also poor bonding force, which will be the reason for de-bonded tiles later.

Laying tiles traditional way by applying sand- cement mixture in a lump at tiles’ back will create gaps underneath the tiles and water can seep through. This creates a white stain problem. Moreover, the tile will be fragile in the area without any adhesive underneath.

The thick layer of the sand-cement mix must be used to lay tile traditionally in the lump and/or to change the floor level, to gain its bonding procedure. There will then be more loads into the arrangement. Moreover, there will be material diffusion since the mixture dries faster than the application. Hence, using an Alpine White floor fixer the best tile adhesive manufacturers in Tamilnadu will give you 1-1.5 hrs of drying time, which also helps you to get a strong bonding between concrete and tile.