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We understand that mining; an essential part of development can upset the fragile ecological balance of the environment. 

Our long-term commitment is to create a sustainable environment where organizational growth and bio-diversity can co-exist side by side. We make this happen by “Mining with a Conscience”; it is this ideology that we at Krishna Mines, stand for as an organization.

Respect for the environment is central in our approach and is the fundamental idea that influences every operation carried out by Krishna Mines. We recognize the undeniable fact that efficient and responsible use of natural resources is vital for the sustainability of our environment. 

To reduce the impact of mining on the surrounding environment, we employ the latest technologies and developments that have resulted in reduced carbon emissions, better fuel efficiency, use of eco-friendly materials etc.

Environmental Management

  • Our afforestation program plants over 10,000 saplings annually.
  • Our company utilizes a stringent system that ensures that efficient and effective land management is the norm.



Air Management

  • Various dust suppression systems such as dry fog, periodical water sprinkling are implemented to ensure that the atmosphere is kept as pristine as possible.
  • We constantly monitor the ambient air quality in house and also consult prominent departments to keep the environment healthy.


Our overarching goal is to provide a safe, injury free zone, which we achieve by providing the best safety equipments available. 

We remain resolute and constantly strive to minimize and where possible completely eliminate any dangerous elements in our working environment.

  • All our workforces are equipped with the latest safety gear such as Dust Masks, Helmets, Goggles, Safety Shoes and Reflective Jackets to guarantee that they are well protected at all times.
  • All our vehicles are fitted with Proximity Sensors to reduce the probabilities of accidents arising out of human error.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with Reverse Cameras to further aid human awareness and reduce the probability of accidents.
  • Truck Stoppers are implemented at all over-burden ramps to safeguard employees, equipments and to prevent accidents.

We strongly believe that a company is an aggregate of employees, environment and the local communities. This is why we at Krishna Mines, have an absolute transparent system concerning safety efforts for everyone.

Our primary goal here at Krishna mines is to produce local, regional and global prosperity for the construction of a safer, positive and greener tomorrow. All our actions are directed towards mining with respect, dignity and accountability. 

We are a company that is environmentally responsible and supports the local communities in areas where we operate. 

To minimize any ecological disturbances, we continually focus on eliminating energy wastage, improving efficient use of water and land resources. 

We continually work with the local communities to better understand the social, environmental and ecological implications of our activities so as to optimize existing benefits and to reduce negative impacts. 

We strongly believe that the strength and success of a company is intimately entwined with the growth of local communities. We have worked with 4 Panchayats over the years to make a positive difference for a better tomorrow.

  • Providing Uniforms, Books and Stationeries
  • Provision of Furniture & Fixtures
  • Ensuring clean Drinking Water at Schools
  • Provision of Toilets at Schools
  • Fortification of School Buildings and Compound Walls
  • Free Medical Aid conducted at Panchayat level.
  • Free Medical Aid sponsored monthly at Vivekananda Medical Mission, Cherakulam
  • Initiated deepening of Water Channels to benefit Panchayats
  • Undertaken cleaning of Water bodies at Panchayats.
  • Fortification of Water tank at Panchayats
  • Recently undertaken project to construct 15 toilets at Panchayat
  • Recently undertaken project to construct and rehabilitate 4 Bus stops at Panchayat.
  • Undertaken “Save the Forest Campaign” along with the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu
  • Creating awareness of the adverse effects of "Plastic Bags Campaign" along with the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu
  • Initiative to “Save the Tiger” campaign along with the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu.
  • Supply of Mega Phones to the Forest Department of Tamil Nadu


We Care

We Care

We Care