Agricultural lime also known as AgLime or BioLime is a soil additive made from pulverized limestone. It is used worldwide in agricultural industries to balance high levels of soil acidity and maximize crop yield at a cost economic price.

Constant utilization of the soil leads to calcium deficiency and high acidity values.

Higher acidity values - other causes:
  • Leaching in areas with high rainfalls
  • Loss of minerals due to crop removal in lands used for agricultural and livestock purposes

Lack of calcium and high acidity leads to poor yield and quality, as highly acidic soils reduce plant growth by inhibiting the intake of major plant nutrients

As AgLime contains both calcium and magnesium, using it is an extremely cost effective method to increase both calcium content in the soil and neutralizing high soil acidity.

The effectiveness of a limestone in neutralizing pH value depends on 3 main factors - purity, size and neutralization value.

AgLime is sourced from our very own limestone deposits, processed using state of the art machinery and checked for quality every hour using our sophisticated in-house lab.

With over 50 years of experience in limestone mining and processing, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in limestone mining and processing in the sub continent.

Our AgLime products, AgLime Dolo - UP15 and AgLime Cal 90 are customized for tea plantations. They adhere to the standard nutrient values required for the soil in such regions.

Different kinds of soil have their own unique needs; hence we offer a range of quality AgLime products that cater to different soil types. These products can be customized to meet specific soil needs. For example, we can customize our AgLime to get the desired amount of calcium and magnesium content, neutralization value and size depending upon the customer’s requirement.